Party Bus Policies

CMJ Party Bus Rentals LLC is dedicated to providing Safe, Reliable and Fun transportation to all our Customers. Our party buses get routine maintenance along with safety inspections regularly to make sure they're all top notch and working perfectly! 

Cancellation Policy

If by any means you need to cancel your booking, the initial deposit due at time of booking (covering the first hour) is Non-Refundable. If in the highly unlikely event that CMJ Party Bus Rentals must cancel any trip, a FULL refund including deposit will be refunded. In the event of severe weather and unsafe conditions, CMJ Party Bus Rentals reserves the right to cancel bookings and will give a FULL refund.

No Show Policy

If a customer does not show at the location for the time frame of their booking, 100% of the total booking will be charged.

Payment Policy

We require a major credit/debit card for first hours deposit and to be placed on file in case of damages or fines. 

Full payment is do upon the time of pick-up. The full remaining payment can be made in CASH at the time of pickup, or by credit/debit card IF paid at least 1 week prior to pickup date. If paid by card, a card vendor fee may be added to the cost. We add a $100 drivers fee OR a 20% gratuity fee, WHICHEVER IS LEAST, to the total cost. 

Special Amenities Policy

CMJ Party Bus Rentals does offer ice, water, and/or soft drinks. We do not offer alcohol, however customers 21 and over are allowed to bring said item onto the buses. Any glass to be broken on the bus will result in $50.00 cleaning charge. Any trashing of the vehicles will result in extra clean-up charges $50.00-150.00. Any vomiting on board will result in $150.00 clean-up charge. Customers agree that any passenger on the bus under 21 years of age will not drink, possess, or hand out alcoholic beverages of any kind. The customer will accept any costs that may arise due to underage consumption or possession, including fines, court costs, and attorney fees.


The following are rules on the bus and if broken could result in a fines:

· No smoking

· No illegal drugs

· No underage drinking

· No standing on seats

· In order to prevent excessively large spills, kegs and barrels of beer, or water coolers filled with liquids are prohibited

· Guests are welcome to bring their own alcohol beverages and enjoy them while riding the bus. However, guests may not carry open containers of alcohol on or off the bus.

· If you do have a spill, please clean it right away

· Absolutely NO weapons allowed. We want to keep our passengers as well as our drivers safe.

· While the bus is in motion, passengers must sit or stand behind the driver’s privacy curtain

· No sitting on the bar or back of seats

· No glitter and/or confetti

· If added to your ride, please use the party pole in a safe manner by keeping feet on the floor

· Standing while bus is in motion could result in passenger injury. CMJ Party Bus Rentals is not responsible for any injuries due to any passengers standing while the bus is in motion.